8 Jun 2012

Friends Group AGM 2012

This year's AGM is on Tuesday 19th June at St Wilfrid's Church Hall, Ford Lane, Northenden

The AGM will start at 7.30pm with the formal business of reporting back on the year and electing a new committee.

After a short break for tea and biscuits we are pleased to welcome Dave Bishop, chair of the Friends of Chorlton Meadows, who will talk to us for about 3/4 of an hour about natural life in the Mersey Valley.
We are looking forward to this as it should be highly interesting and informative, as well as stimulating us to get more involved with the plant and wild life in our area.

1 comment:

  1. Being a regular walker around the park I find it somewhat distressing to see the ammount of vandalism and graffiti around the place recently. Even the wood carved signage over the large `where you are`has gone missing. Is there anyway that maybe a community service group could be bought in to clear the astounding ammount of litter in the wooded area while the trees are not in leaf? I realise the cut backs have undoubtably had an effect on the overall maintainance of the benches and litter bins but surely something could be done to prevent any further deterion within the park. I personally would love to be able to help but I am old and my health isn`t too good but it is sad to witness what used to be a lovely oasis turning into a very unsafe eyesore.