27 Jan 2013

Northenden Civic Society website

I imagine that anyone who reads this will already know that the Northenden Civic Society launched their long awaited website in december 2012, however if you did not know ...

It is rather attractive and if you are interested in the activities of the Northenden Civic Society you can keep up to date with all their news and activities. Good luck to them. It is still new, and developing but already contains a lot of interest.

Application for funds for benches etc!

I feel a little bad for not managing to update this blog recently - other preoccupations, I'm afraid.

We have not managed to make any progress with our plan to manage to open on occasions and in a very supervised manner the toilets next to the Park. As a result at our last committee meeting we decided to, with some regret, give up on this and instead ...

... we have applied to use the funding for some picnic benches for the Park and for some additions to the play equipment and replacement of the damaged swing hammock.
Some of this should be installed very soon!

Thanks should go to Amy for all her very hard work in a very short timeframe to apply to use the funds in this way.