25 Jun 2012

AGM last Tuesday!

Although attendance was a little bit light since there was another attraction - the England football game  - we had a successful AGM!

We elected a new committee for the year;
Gwyneth Lloyd continues as Chair - thanks for doing this,
Papa Andoh-Kweku continues as Vice-Chair
Anna Bunney as Treasurer
Amy Carline will act as Secretary and Minutes Sec, with Sandra Bracegirdle stepping down - thanks to Sandra for her work and to Amy for taking over, continuing
Joan Mycock Membership Sec
Dave Wilson, Lynne Oldfield, Conor Jerram and Mary diMauro continue and we welcomed Fran Shone to the committee

Our Chair reported on the year and we talked about things we might want to do this year.

Dave Bishop, the Chair of the Friends of Chorlton Meadows gave us a highly interesting talk on the plant life in the Mersey Valley. I hadn't realised the range of diversity and how interesting the plant life is. I was particularly taken by the historical background of local naturalists documenting the local flora and by his hypotheses about the origins of some of the flora.

Now we just need to arrange our next committee meeting to start to plan for the year and, I hope, to follow up some of the ideas which were provoked by Dave Bishop. Thanks so much to him for coming to talk to us.

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